Justin Bosch, Ph.D.

Justin Bosch, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow
Justin Bosch

Before attending graduate school, I studied plant evolution at UW-Madison and zebrafish developmental genetics at UCSF. For my PhD, I worked with Iswar Hariharan at the UC Berkeley, where I used genetics and cell biology to investigate the molecular mechanisms of tissue growth in Drosophila.

In the Perrimon lab, I am using systematic approaches to study secreted proteins in Drosophila: 1) Mapping the origin and destination of circulating proteins, 2) Identification of peptides encoded from small open reading frame (smORF) genes, and 3) Developing new gene-editing methods to better characterize secreted proteins

To keep scientists up to date on recent genome engineering tools, and give young scientist and opportunity to present their research, I organize a virtual seminar series called Genome Engineering Seminar Series (GESS) at Harvard Medical School (HMS). The meetings are via zoom, free, and open to anyone in the world. I previously organized an in-person genome engineering journal club, which is on hiatus due to Covid.

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