Clonal Analysis of Dominant Female-Sterile, Germline-Dependent Mutations in Drosophila Melanogaster.

Date Published:

1984 Dec


Three allelic, dominant and germline-dependent female-sterile mutations (ovo(D) mutations) can be classified according to the severity of the ovarian abnormalities that they produce. The size and frequency of +/+ germline clones, induced in ovo(D)/+ females, were compared with K10/K10 germline clones induced in K10/+ control females. The frequency of germline clones induced by irradiation of first instar larvae is similar for the three dominant alleles and K10 ; however, the clone size increased with the strength of the allele tested, compared with K10 clones. When clones were induced later in development, the clone frequencies decreased with the strength of the alleles. These results are discussed in the context of the antimorphic nature of these mutations and the characteristics of germline development. The use of these alleles as tools in the genetic analysis of development is discussed.

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