Former Lab Members

Xiangyi Lu

Former Postdoctoral Fellow: 1990-1994
Position Upon Departure – Assistant Professor, University of Alabama
Current Position – Associate Professor, Wayne State University (Deceased)

Armen Manoukian

Former Postdoctoral Fellow: 1993-1995
Position Upon Departure – Senior Scientist, Ontario Cancer Institute
Current Position – Chief Scientific Officer, NeuroTheryX

Xiaochun Ni

Former Postdoctoral Fellow: 2012-2016
Position Upon Departure – Senior Bioinformatician, Celgene
Current Position – Senior Bioinformatician, Celgene

Kent Nybakken

Former Postdoctoral Fellow: 2000-2006
Position Upon Departure – Assistant Professor, Boston BioMedical Research Institute
Most Recent Position – Research Scientist, Harvard University

Rami Rahal

Former Postdoctoral Fellow: 2008-2010
Position Upon Departure – Scientist, Novartis
Current Position – Scientist, Novartis

Rajee [Rajendhran] Rajakumar

Former Postdoctoral Fellow: 2017-2020

Position Upon Departure – Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa
Current Position – Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa

Akhila Rajan

Former Postdoctoral Fellow: 2009-2016
Position Upon Departure – Assistant Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Current Position – Assistant Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Jenny Ro

Former Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016-2017
Position Upon Departure – Associate, Innovation Bioscience | CEO, Flidea LLC
Current Position – COO, Curious Reactor | CEO, Flidea LLC