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Senior Research Technician

HHMI Job Posting - Senior Research Technician (008079-Perrimon)

Job Description

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is seeking a highly motivated senior-level technician to join Dr. Norbert Perrimon’s group at Harvard Medical School. The successful candidate will be responsible for performing molecular biology, cell culture, protein purification, and/or related techniques as part of an overall research program focused on new technology and resource development (e.g. CRISPR technologies, cell-based assays, protein-based studies). The job requires performing independent work that is coordinated with a larger research team. Although most time will be dedicated to hands-on activities, duties will also include quality assessment (e.g. submission of samples for Sanger sequencing, sequence data analysis) and data entry (e.g. entry of data into a laboratory information management system, preparing of progress updates).

Principle Responsibilities

- Molecular biology, cell culture, protein purification, or related activities
- Quality assessment (e.g. sequence data analysis) related to the above wet-bench activities, including data entry into lab management systems and progress updates
- Development of new workflows, testing of new instruments or technologies, attendance at scientific presentations with a focus on technology, and related technology development or assessment
- Maintain precise records of work
- Work efficiently and cooperatively with a team of researchers
- Opportunity to contribute to research projects

Preferred Qualifications

- B.S. in related field, Ph.D. preferred
- Experience with cell culture including transfection with plasmids or small RNAs, experience with multiple DNA cloning technologies (Gateway, InFusion, Gibson, etc.)
- Experience with protein purification
- Excellent organizational skills
- Detail oriented
- Ability to work independently and as part of a team
- Ability to communicate clearly on progress made on specific projects
- Ability identify changes in a wet-bench workflow that would improve efficiency and/or quality


Job Location

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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